Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wire-Wrap Jewelry Artist :)

One of the first jewelry designers I was inspired by is Kim Miraglia, her handcrafted jewelry at ebay became a favorite shop to visit. She has a signature style in wire-wrapped cabs that often feature flowing spirals and open wraps that accentuate the beauty of the stone. I have purchased several of her silver wire-wrapped cabochons AND in celebration of my "50th", a gorgeous intarsia earrings and pendant set ;) All are of fabulous workmanship! In appreciation of Kim's artistry, I asked her if I may feature her work and she graciously consented. Here is an excerpt from Kim's Etsy store:

"I specialize in customizable sterling silver wire and gemstone jewelry. I also have a website at Kim's Jewels if you would like to take a look to see more about what I do, and I'm loving it here on etsy! I've been an eBay seller since 1999 under the ID kmitch747, but while eBay is a business for me, I'm finding Etsy to be way more fun! I've got a BFA in Graphic Design, but found that silver wire jewelry was my calling. I'm excited about my new Etsy venture!"
~Kim's Jewels

I have many, many, kind, inspiring artists to thank on this journey, but I will always remember how the spark was ignited by Kim's Jewels. Thank you, Kim!!

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