Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Precious ;)

Way past time for an update! Thought I'd share pics of the many semi-precious stones I've been collecting that are anxiously awaiting inspiration and wire. Many have been purchased online and the rest have come from local shops and rock & gem shows. There are focal beads (drilled), designer cabochons (to be wire-wrapped), and many strands of beads. Also included in my stock are natural and dyed pearls, mother-of-pearl, coral, shells, tree nuts, and a few glass beads. One of my favorite stones are the jaspers. In fact, I thought it would be a pretty name for my last granddaughter, but her mother said it reminded her of Casper "the friendly ghost" lol!

I hope you enjoyed browsing my little shop, now off to create...
Sheree :)


  1. Wow, Sheree, GR8 collection ! If I was a thief I'd be headin' NORTH about now... lol !

  2. Thanks, Tami! Would love to see you but must warn you of the Forest of