Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Most Recommended Websites

My favorite website was created by Eni Oken, a jewelry artist with a great passion to share her knowledge and talent and that of many other jewelry designers who contribute tutorials, articles, and photos of their work. I am tremendously inspired by the creativity of these independant artists from all over the globe. It is the most helpful and welcoming website for jewelry designers and there is no cost for membership. Here's the link, enjoy your visit:
Jewelry Lessons

I also participate in the Rock Tumbling Hobby website and forum, all about rocks and their use in jewelry design!

I've included some awesome sites for inspiration and getting started with this craft under my Fave's links :) My most recommended sites are triple starred*** Mind you, I've only purchased from a short list of all the sites I have posted and cannot attest to the reputation of the rest. I have come by them through blogs, forums, and searches and find them of interest. Placing them here REALLY freed up my bookmark list!!

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