Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreamin' of Summer

With the temperature finally warming here in West Michigan, visions of colorful blooms are racing through my head. The crocuses have come and gone, saw the first forsythia in blossom two days ago, I hope the little daffodil buds haven't been harmed by this week's overnight frosts! Added some photos of last year's new daylilies at My flickr. I'm anxious to greet the newest varieties that bring the garden assortment to nearly 30 :) July is the happiest time to linger in thrall of their delight. Each morn brings the excitement of knowing I have only this day's light to photograph, smell, taste, and revel in it's short life. I live for color, my garden themes include a full array of peach, pink, rosy pink, purple, orange, yellow, white, and even some blue. I believe that pretty much covers the rainbow except for red, oops, I have a little of that, too. Ready to set off to tackle the first of the overwintering weeds, hmm...the smell of fresh worked soil. Now if I can find my flower garden design lay-out, I'll be all set!


  1. West Michigan?? You must listen to the podcasts on! Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood is one of my favorite peeps!

    I love your blog. Keep it up. Great pics, great links. Thanks for your comments on my blog. It makes me happy to know people read the text. It was thrilling to see all your fabulous rocks. I should photo mine too!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Dawn., that's new to me, I'll be checking it :) Would enjoy looking at more of your "stuff", your wrapped cabs are a delight to behold! I'm following your blog and would be happy to post a link to your Flickr shots or wherever you like! Peace.