Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Spring!

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm very blessed to be the mother of three, wonderful, young adults. To proudly watch this time of their individual personal growth in life is an amazing experience. I thank God for the time we have together and pray angels watch over them and their families, always.

My oldest daughter's family, Tezra, Mike, and granddaughters, Kara & Monica, in front of their blooming apple tree :)

Senior portraits of Grady and Samantha, which reminds me to take some new posed photos of them both ;)

I'll be flying to California in a few days, a very special Mother's Day gift from Samantha. I'm very excited to meet Jesse's(her beau) family and spend time with Sam, meet her new friends, and sight-see the San Franciso Bay area!!!

A poem for all to appreciate:


I think God took the fragrance
of a flower,
A pure white flower, which blooms
not for world praise
But which makes sweet and beautiful
some bower;
The compassion of the dew,
which gently lays
Reviving freshness on
the fainting earth,
And gives to all the tired things
new birth;
The streadfastness and radiance
of stars
Which lift the soul above
confining bars;
The gladness of fair dawns;
the sunset's peace;
Contentment which from trivial rounds
asks no release;
The life which finds its greatest joy
in deeds of love for others...
I think God took these precious things
and made of them...mothers.

-Author Unknown

Blessings to all,


  1. That is a beautiful poem and tribute to all mothers. Sunset's peace is such a beautiful thought.
    Angel Blessings