Thursday, May 19, 2011

1st Fan Giveaway!

"Down The Line" ~Adorning Elements~ Designed for the oh so fun Facebook CCC Group. See all the bright entries at Photos of Color Combo Challenge Week 24 TROPICAL ORANGE/BLUE!

THANK YOU to all my friends at Rock Me Gently Jewelry on Facebook! I would like to show my appreciation for everyone's interest in following my jewelry designing adventure! I invite you all to help me celebrate reaching 300 Likes with my 1st Online Fan Giveaway!

Rules to enter the GIVEAWAY:

1. Be sure to visit me at Rock Me Gently Jewelry.

2. Complete this statement, "My favorite color combo this season is __________".
Post your response as a comment to this post. Be sure to leave your Facebook profile link so I may contact you if you're the winner!

~THAT'S IT! Too easy, right?! :)

The GIVEAWAY- A custom creation of Semi-precious stone for the lucky winner, a special design with your style in mind!

*Entry ENDS at Midnight, EST Sunday, May 29th, '11.
*A random draw winner will be announced and contacted on May 30th, Memorial Day morning.
*In the event the winning draw is a family member, a second entry will be drawn and two will win! YAY!


~Sheree :)


  1. Congrats on your milestone !!

    "My favorite color combo this season is _copper w/ anything !!".

    Dora Muller Harrison my FB name :)

  2. Congrats! My favorite color combo is teal and apple green.

    MY FB name is Lea Avroch.

  3. Whooo, hoooo....300!! Congrats! My favorite combo is the Blue Curacao tone with copper or brown. You can find me here:

  4. Chris

    Awesome on your milestone!!! :)
    "My favorite colors are greens and yellows.I wear lots of browns.. I thought these were every seasons colors. Oops ! was never told different.

    Chris Funk on FB

  5. my fav combo is green, purple and brown


  6. Congrats on your milestone! My favorite color combo is Turquoise and Lime Green. :) Always perfect for the upcoming Summer season! Have a great weekend! Liked you from my facebook personal and business page:
    Debra Jones Beach:

    String Bead Studio:

  7. So happy for you! You deserve at least a 1000 more!

  8. Congrats!!

    My favorite color combo this season is copper colours and green..
    (my profile - Maree McWha)

  9. Congratulations! I'm your newest FB fan, and I love soft pinks with greyed greens.

  10. My favorite color combo this season is anything silver with chakra color combos!

    Facebook name: Deborah Marie Dera

  11. Congrats Sheree!!! My favorite color combo this season would be yellow/brown/orange.!/profile.php?id=1316839168

  12. Congrats!!! Sheree :)) My favorite color combo is coral red orange and bronze or copper. But maybe you are asking what your favorite color combo is ...hmmmm that will take some digging ...

    ~ Datz

  13. Ah Ha!!! I remember you chose the "Peachy Poppy" color combo it is possible that your favorite color combo is "Peachy Poppy"


  14. Thanks to everyone for your support! It's interesting to see the variety of likes, no two the same!

    Datz, you are too funny, lol! I'm happy to see you like to cover all the bases. I'll reveal my favorite colors in the winner announcement on Monday. For now it's all about you! ;)

    Elizabeth, thank you! We'll have to find out your favorites for the season if you are our winner!


  15. beautiful necklace!!!! follow your blog xoxo sigalit